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Pillow Zong also is a kind of zhongzi, listen to a name to know, it is a kind of appearance resembling it is the zhongzi like the pillow, be in commonly dragon boat festival when every family can wrap a zhongzi, can do sweet the zhongzi also can do salty zhongzi, it want to eat to move what stuffing to expect is OK to want to eat to move what stuffing to expect, general flesh zhongzi is to should shift to an earlier date the tasty with such nicer gift of souse, the leaf of the zhongzi also is to have cultured, very hot time became long fragrance can decrease, must dominate good time so.

 How is pillow palm wrapped

1, steaky pork flay, abluent, cut small, join sauce to paper adj/LIT wide of gourmet powder of pink of Chinese prickly ash of any of several hot spice plants to make by pink of cooking wine the five spices one in the evening.

2, it is OK that fresh Zong leaf has been boiled or boiled water has been ironed (Zong Xie Kaishui irons 8 minutes, cold water dip a hour. Boiled water is hot long the meeting is not green not sweet. )

3, rice, half hour goes up after been clean out, next the soy juice dip of bubble flesh a hour.

 How is pillow palm wrapped

4, full data: The polished glutinous rice of fleshy Zong leaf that has wided (had washed drop doing to add some of soy and salt, it is OK also to add some of oil) , still having is careless rope.

5, the simplest pillow Zong includes a method: Overlap with 2 leaf a bit put away, polished glutinous rice of on one spoon is added among.

6, add the meat.

7, build a polished glutinous rice again.

8, 2 edges are 50% discount.

9, after impaction, will fold directly again come over.

10, grasp rise, with the chopstick from go up downward stamp, to make the content inside some more compact namely, boil otherwise come out rice flesh too medicinal powder, mouthfeel is bad.

11, fold another finally come over, must hold close, had bound finished, cold water leaves boiler, water crosses a zhongzi high (midway must want to add water) . After be being boiled, conflagration arrives twice two half hour, stew of; involving fire half hour.

 How is pillow palm wrapped


1. boils a zhongzi, before should boil a night in the home. Want to eat, feel to boil one night again extremely no-go. Boil suddenly with respect to try out conflagration, result two hour can good, again stew. The idea that conflagration cooks quickly actually very good, go to the lavatory not only, and the distinct fragrance of Zong leaf is compared long those who boil is heavy.

The flesh in 2. flesh Zong, the convention uses steaky pork, some fatter be no problem, the meeting is sweeter! Fleshy piece old a bit, delicious; is small when eating a bit, nice package.

Moment of 3. modulation olfactory is OK a little flavour is a few heavier, otherwise is boiled come out to do not have saline flavour.