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Article introduction

A lot of people prefer souse cucumber, the method of souse is more. For example but souse becomes hemp hot cucumber, taste mouthfeel hemp is hot, have very good appetitive effect. Hemp hot cucumber souse method is simpler, if like special hemp hot, can prepare any of several hot spice plants of a few hemp, also can prepare a few Chinese prickly ash to undertake souse, want to prepare a few dressing such as acetic candy and chili additionally, we will see its souse method.

Hemp hot cucumber practice of the daily life of a family

Hemp hot cucumber practice of the daily life of a family


Advocate makings: Small cucumber 5. Garlic 3 valve, salt 3 grams, chinese prickly ash 10, hot thick broad-bean sauce 5 grams, chili is oily 15 grams, white sugar 5 grams, vinegar 10 grams, balm is right amount.


1, small cucumber is abluent, wipe, purify two end, cut hob piece, in loading a bowl, scatter salt to mix divide evenly, bloat be soiled section of garlic of 20 minutes of; .

2, rinse small cucumber with cold boiled water, fish out wipes moisture, put big bowl again in.

3, garlic piece, bead of Chinese prickly ash and all condiment are put into entirely mix in big bowl divide evenly, again souse a little while can.

Practice 2


Gherkin 5, ginger 20 grams, chili 4 (or fabaceous valve thick chili sauce) of 1 small spoon. Garlic 3 valve, chinese prickly ash 1 small spoon. Vinegar, candy, balm each L tablespoon, salt 2 small spoon.

Hemp hot cucumber practice of the daily life of a family


(1) . Put cucumber on chopping board to scatter knead of a few salt, after 30 minutes, bathe is clean.

(2) . Cucumber vertical stroke is cut two half, pat broken cut 6 centimeters to grow paragraph.

(3) . Ginger, chili cuts filament, garlic delimits with the knife broken.

(4) . Cucumber code is in dish inside, enter piquancy spice and the spice that had allocated even mix can. Put freezer the town is cool again edible.

(5) . Hiemal cucumber, too cool to human body, the vinegar of the ginger that can join the sex that belong to heat, chili, lukewarm sex alleviates. When thick chili sauce of use beans valve, the salt in allocating spice should reduce an in part.

The effect of cucumber and action

1. is suitable shine armour

What cucumber appears on our table also is more frequent, so often eat cucumber what to kind of profit have to our body? The silicon in cucumber can make a hair more suitable, fingernail is brighter stronger. And the sulfur in cucumber still is helpful for stimulating a hair to grow.

2. hairdressing protects skin

Loving beautiful girls to should know cucumber is to have this very good hairdressing effect, because some cucumber are contained in fresh cucumber,this is the metabolism of enzymatic can effective stimulative airframe, outspread cutaneous blood capillary, stimulative blood circulates, enhance cutaneous redox, because this cucumber has the effect of hairdressing. In the meantime, cucumber contains rich vitamin, can offer enough nutrient for the skin, effective antagonism skin is anile.

Hemp hot cucumber practice of the daily life of a family

3. clear opening is angry, beneficial kidney

In daily life we can pass edible cucumber to achieve the effect of tone clarity, because cucumber juice is beneficial to curing gum disease, often eat can make a tone more pure and fresh. In addition cucumber still can reduce acerbity level of the make water inside body, have protective effect to the kidney.

4. discharges poison to prevent constipation

Cucumber contains fine fibre element, this kind of cellulose can promote alvine path peristalsis, the constellation inside help body eduction, the cucumber with rich nutrition is helpful for ” sweep ” the rubbish inside body, often eat conduce to precautionary kidney stone.