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Article introduction

The edible method of scallop has a lot of, commonner is hot scallop, cucumber fries scallop man. Besides this kind of thing, still a lot of make the method of scallop, but a lot of people like scallop vermicelli made from bean starch this kind of thing, basically be to pass 3 vermicelli made from bean starch to mix together, juice of a few scallop is joined to come after evaporate is boiled next edible, it is OK the maintenance of very old rate scallop former some is delicate. Believe a lot of people had become this fan shell the person of this kind of thing can know, the time of Allah is very important, so should evaporate scallop be how long be best?

Scallop evaporate how long is best

It is the 5~8 that boil commonly minute, time cannot grow, time also cannot short. Otherwise the bacterium is killed not dead. . .

A few kinds become the means of scallop. . . .

Scallop of vermicelli made from bean starch of garlic fine and soft

Raw material: Powder of fine and soft of scallop, wet vermicelli made from bean starch, oily garlic, onion, salad oil. Practice:

(1) uses knife general fan shell from bottom ministry everything two, go sundry, rinse clean reserve. (2) twines wet vermicelli made from bean starch the circle, set circle on scallop face, drench next on the oily garlic fine and soft of mix up taste.

(Evaporate of the drawer on 3) is taken out 5 minutes, scatter on onion powder, the oil that use heat is very hot green become namely. Day type liquor covers tightly scallop

Point: Must use a brush the clean down with the careful carapace scallop, dial the shellfish base of similar beard side housing with the hand even. If keep shellfish foot above, make delicious scallop impossibly.


1, the leaf caraway and bine are apart, leaf mincing.

2, cut garlic asunder.

3, pick a deeper pot. Most put in fan shell first, put onion next, the bine that is put into caraway again

4, put garlic end, put peppery, lemon juice, liquor, butter finally 2 spoon.

5, lid of the boiler on the lid is boiled with medium baking temperature. 6, with often jolty boiler. 7, when when the carapace of scallop is opened, with respect to the scallop with full fish out, butter is joined in soup 2 spoon, boil.

8, put fan shell again in cook again, above even come loose the Qin leaf of mincing caraway.

Scallop evaporate how long is best

Steamed scallop

Raw material: Fresh fan shell one caboodle, vermicelli made from bean starch a small, green, jiang Re, soy, cooking oil, thick chili sauce

Practice: Prepare vermicelli made from bean starch first, put into boiling water to thoroughly cook, after be rinsed below cold water, stand-by. scallop wash, green ginger cuts into shreds, put silk of ginger of a few green to go up at scallop, go up steam box evaporate. If do not have,steam box also can use other and implemental steam. When scallop flesh is hoar can, do not evaporate is too long, scallop flesh can shrink. The 5-10 when my experience minute, after loading a tub, can get on shop of vermicelli made from bean starch, the shop is on scallop or fall to follow be fond of and be decided. I like to spread above, eat together with scallop. In the meantime, oil is entered in boiler, put the rest of green ginger and little thick chili sauce, till fragrance comes out, put soy, I can add the scallop juice that stays when evaporate scallop, heat to boiling, irrigate directly go up in scallop.

Individual be fond of adds vermicelli made from bean starch, combine the quality of a material with different scallop, in order to stimulate the different feeling in mastication. Try, taste simply however rich, can rival with what do in restaurant

Scallop evaporate how long is best

Vermicelli made from bean starch first after bubble is soft, put on abluent scallop directly, put fabaceous Chi again next, can add bit of salt appropriately (8 can too much) , put basket on evaporate. Conflagration, 3 minutes. Involve fire, frowsty 2-3 minute, OK. Scallop of fabaceous Chi evaporate is done decided!

Still have kind of method, be last week myself is in the home of lanes and alleys. Scallop is abluent. Put into basket in evaporate (the method is Alexandrine) . In the meantime, take a bowl small additionally, dip chili of yellow lantern of two small spoon, add a chopped green onion again. After the oil inside boiler burns heat, pour oil into the bowl quickly. Irrigate good in evaporate scallop to go up again next. Ha, turn garlic look green into oily scallop. Actually, should become chop of the head of garlic the look originally, but feel troublesome occasionally. Plus, like to have yellow lantern chili very much occasionally, and, garlic was joined to allow namely originally in this chili. So lazy. Cannot think of, it is exceptionally good to taste