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Article introduction

The darling of nine month can have eaten complementary fed, at that time a few eating a bit pork liver also have profit, pork liver contains rich vitamin A, still have rich iron qualitative element, have the effect of very good filling iron, heightening effect of side of child immunity force is very pretty good, the child should understand a note when eating pork liver, do not want overfeeding, go up to also should notice somewhat in the method that make additionally, can plaster of make it pork liver arrives edible.

How does pork liver of nine month darling eat

Can nine month darling eat pork liver

Darling can eat pork liver. Pork liver contains a variety of nutriment such as A of rich iron and vitamin, B1, B2, B12. Among them vitamin A content is very rich, lack the nyctalopia of be caused by to A of vitamin of baby of prevention and cure, have favorable effect. Still contain many iron, can prevent the happening of anaemia of the sex that be short of iron.

How does pork liver of nine month darling eat

One, mud of pork liver lean lean


Pork liver and thin pork, ginger juice is right amount


1. general pork liver and thin pork are abluent, go muscle, put on chopping block, press same way to be blown with balanced force with stainless steel spoon, make liver mud, meat mashed vegetable or fruit.

2. puts liver mud and fleshy mashed vegetable or fruit the bowl next inside, join juice of a few cold water, cooking wine, ginger and saline agitate divide evenly, go up basket evaporate is ripe can edible.

2, darling complementary eat pork liver mashed vegetable or fruit

Brief introduction pork liver contains a variety of nutrition material, contain a lot ofvitamin A and microelement iron, zinc, copper, especially mother milk darling is short of iron easily, so pork liver mud is mother milk darling complementary those who feed not 2 choices.


Pork liver 60g

Darling ground rice right amount

How does pork liver of nine month darling eat


1. pork liver is abluent go cutting after muscle film small piece

2. warm-up stew burns coal tub, warm-up empty canister 1 minute, water teem

3. 2 warm-up, join pork liver piece, warm-up 1 minute, water teem

4. infuse boiling water comes 8 minutes full, the stew after summary agitate boils 60 minutes

5. takes out pork liver, after joining juice of right amount soup and darling ground rice according to the ability that darling can chew, with food recuperation v&n bastinado reachs slimy record can edible

Small hang

If do not have darling ground rice,congee of OK also and right amount rice is replaced, increase pork liver mouthfeel.

3, abstain pork liver mud


Pork liver 200 grams, ginger 2, white vinegar 1 big spoon, saline 1/4 small spoon, cool boiled water 50 overcome

How does pork liver of nine month darling eat


1. general pork liver first slice, put a bowl inside, join white vinegar, saline souse 10 minutes.

Clear water and Jiang Pian are put inside 2. pannikin, pork liver is joined after big baked wheaten cake leaves piece. Boil with medium baking temperature turn completely into white to pork liver, scoop share of drop clean water.

3. general pork liver is mincing, join agitate cup inside, add clear water 50 grams, become exquisite slimy state with mixer agitate.

The liver mud with good agitate 4. , put pannikin once more inside, use small fire to boil to boiling can, take out put cool hind put ice save inside case.

Small hang

The fishy smell of 1. pork liver is heavier, want to use white vinegar and saline souse before make so, come in order to amount to antiseptic go the effect of raw meat or fish.

It is not kinetic that if be hit with mixer agitate directly,2. boils good pork liver, want to add a few cool boiled water so, very easy mix. The liver mud with good agitate should have been boiled afresh, such ability assure clean sanitation.

3. attention: Pork liver avoid and the provision that contain many vitamin C are fed together, feed together can make vitamin C loses original effect, be like with: Chili, hawkthorn.