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Article introduction

Bittern makings is to point to commonly boil the raw material that make with a variety of flavor, in boiling the process that control again, still need to join old duck, the birds flesh such as the hen, the fat that adds Shang Li is sweet. Makings of this kind of bittern is exquisite often had jumped over more, boil the thick gravy after stewing to be stimulated to give out for many times ought some fragrance. Bittern is OK the fishy smell of purify food, increase the bright fragrance with qualitative flesh thereby. A lot of people can choose to be boiled in the home make bittern, go to the lavatory to suit oneself taste again already so. The specific recipe that sauce sweet bittern sees in light of us.

Recipe of sauce sweet bittern

One, of bittern make

One recipe

1 anise 25 grams 2 cassia bark 15 grams 15 ~ of 3 small Hui 25 grams 4 licorice 10 grams 10 grams of 5 3 Nai 6 pleasant Song 5 grams of 3 ~ 20 grams of 7 Chinese prickly ash 8 arenaceous benevolence 10 grams cardamom seed of 9 careless beanses 10 caoguo of 5 grams 11 clove of 15 grams 5

2 modulation

1, anise, cassia bark, small Hui, licorice, 3 Nai, Gan Song, Chinese prickly ash, will arenaceous benevolence, careless beans cardamom seed, caoguo,

Lilac divide into equal parts becomes two, jiang Xi of; of close bag mouth is plunged into to pat broken; green to connect a beard completely with drawstring in loading comfortable gauze hop-pocket respectively abluent draw a form.

2, bake the broil on the fire of rock candy preexistence of chunk, put on chopping board next light clap is broken, enter boiler together with refined oil again, use small fire to fry to show cardinal when, mix into enters divide evenly of agitate of 500 grams boiling water, become candy look namely.

3, on boiler buy fire, mix into enters Xian Shang 5000 grams, put Jiang Cong, transfer into refined salt, gourmet powder and candy color, put flavor package again, after burning boil, convert small fire is boiled slowly to fragrance when 4 excessive, become fresh bittern namely.

Recipe of sauce sweet bittern

The problem that 3 need note

1, when the color that fry candy, must fry slow with small fire, and candy color should a bit a few tenderer, fry the candy look that give to have otherwise acrid.

2, the bittern that presses traditional method modulation does not add gourmet powder normally, but as a result of fresh bittern mostly little taste is insufficient, together with in recent years people appears to the requirement of little taste taller and taller already, the process in modulation is so medium also but right amount affiliation gourmet powder. Those who need a specification is, gourmet powder is joined in bittern and can not have side effect. , because gourmet powder is in the temperature of 160 ℃ above,just can produce anxious cereal acerbity natrium to lose little taste thereby, and the temperature when bittern is boiling won’t exceed 105 ℃ commonly.

3, tender candy color should be added commonly in bittern, such ability can make bittern has a sweet taste. And after adding tender candy color, need not add licorice again. But look from medicaments function angle, licorice has mediate all flavour reach the action that mentions delicacy. Accordingly, after adding candy color, still can consider to add touch in bittern pleasant

4, fourth balm phenol is contained in lilac, its flavour is very thick, use Shi Kegen adjusts dosage according to particular case. Generally speaking, dosage of the 5000 clove in Ke Xianshang should be controlled in 5 ~ between 15 grams.

5, the green Chinese onion that is used at making bittern should withhold its root beard, can make the smell of bittern sweeter in that way. The experienced worker that this can be an old bittern that make imparts the author’s experience.

6, color having sugar is added in afore-mentioned bittern recipes, and color shows palm red, call red bittern, if the candy color in take out recipe became white bittern. Additionally somebody loves to join dry chili in bittern, become hot bittern in that way.

Recipe of sauce sweet bittern

The making method of a few kinds of bittern and with makings:

1, with makings: Plain any of several hot spice plants, anise, lilac, caoguo, licorice, cassia bark in all 3/4 cup.

Practice: Bittern makings, sanded Jiang Fentong fills hop-pocket inside. Add water 8 cups of Bao boil, slow fire Bao comes about one hour 2 hours partly.

2, with makings: Anise (two) , small Hui, Chinese prickly ash (each two teaspoon) , licorice (6) , cassia bark () , caoguo () , dried tangerine or orange peel (1/4)

Practice: Bittern makings is carrying with hop-pocket, add 12 cups of water to boil half an hour to be taken out.

3, with makings: Pork, pig bone, join Chi of old mildew beans, cassia bark, dried tangerine or orange peel, licorice, small fennel, anise, arhat if really

Practice: Add water to boil a hour.

4, with makings: Soy essence, anise, cassia bark, caoguo each 50 grams, sha Jiang, Chinese prickly ash, clove each 25 grams, licorice 50 grams, boiled water 500 grams.

Practice: Put soy, cooking wine, rock candy, refined salt, gourmet powder in made of baked clay basin to be put on slow fire first, boil 1 hour hind to be become about. Flavor and beard of medicinal material bag often bubble is in the basin. After bittern is made, had better be tertian use.