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Article introduction

Everybody often should eat an egg in daily life, and the method that eats an egg also has a lot of. The taste that can differ according to different person will choose the different method that eats an egg, but the commonnest the coddle of methodological nothing is more… than that eats an egg and omelette, because of these two kinds of method not only simple and very practical also. But a lot of people eat an egg is to complement his nutrition, can you consider these two kinds of methods to which kinds come to to you can have nutrition more when choosing omelette and coddle so?

Omelette and coddle have nutrition that

The egg that boil puts the egg bowl namely in, add water in bowl, undertake boiling, after thoroughlying cook OK edible, this kind of method, reserved the nutrient substance in the egg completely. And because do not have,also pass any treatment, the nutrient value that so the egg tastes is very high still also, and when edible cooks an egg, the olfactory that because method of this kind of cook is,alimental itself withheld on very big certain level a kind of practice, cook an egg so, you can have the appetizing taste in the egg.

And the bittern egg that everybody loves or tea egg, be boiled eggs actually derive a practice, preserved the appetizing taste of the egg in boiled eggs not only, still joined the help of other flavoring, also make an egg more delicate. But these cook means still do not have boiled eggs so nourishing, but the word on taste still wants to get than boiled eggs of more people like.

Omelette and coddle have nutrition that

So Where is decoct egg? Decoct egg is namely after oily temperature rise is fast, but integral oil is lukewarm unapt too tall when, infiltrate the egg in oily boiler. And egg of this kind of decoct, much the mouthfeel that divides Jiao Xiang, also be a hand of a lot of people love. But the word of decoct egg, a lot of people are met its decoct older, want decoct to arrive till two sides is golden namely, but this kind of moment, high temperature and oil, the protein in the egg to destroyed, and this also was brought about, this kind of means of decoct egg gives the nutrition of the egg destroyed. Have some of person especially, like particularly egg decoct brown, just feel delicious. Do not know actually such instead more nonnutritively.

Omelette and coddle have nutrition that

Why do this boil an egg to have nutrition more than decoct egg namely so. Because oil is lukewarm exorbitant of the nutrition of the itself that is can broken broken egg. So if we need more, better to absorb nutrition, it is advisable that the best water in choose even if it it is being put in boiler is boiled. But of decoct egg delicate still let a person cannot be abandoned. The egg has again much nutrition material to be inside namely, and the nutrient value of the egg so tall, but also should not be much,eat, because have some of time, to fill the body and absorb overmuch egg, harmful to the body instead, so we eat an egg to must be absorbed reasonably, cross much edible because of his otherwise, accentuated oneself body burden, the loss outweights the gain instead.