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Article introduction

Doing what soya-bean milk compares a tradition to feed capable person is soya bean, do soya-bean milk traditionally, need shifts to an earlier date bean bubble hair, had better want to run 8 hours above, but a lot of other peoples have soya-bean milk opportunity now, soya-bean milk machine has a function, do soya-bean milk namely with dry beans, saying so is to need not shift to an earlier date at that time of bubble bean, but the person that has drunk soya-bean milk knows, with the soya-bean milk that dry bean does, generally speaking mouthfeel will be a bit a few poorer.

Bean not can bubble call soya-bean milk

Hit soya-bean milk to need to shift to an earlier date bubble

Had better shift to an earlier date bubble. Do not suggest to use function of dry beans soya-bean milk, above all, not bubble bean sounds seem very convenient, want to spend longer time actually. The time that bubble beans needs head day 9 minutes only in the evening, but a soya-bean milk can be called immediately after immersing.

If not bubble bean, the program after machine of the soya-bean milk that start is about to lengthen a lot of, took a paragraph to add lukewarm stimulative bean to attract the time of water softening, actually more when expending charge of electricity. So, for the angle from low carbon environmental protection, perhaps drink soya-bean milk from in the morning for the angle of spare time, it is bubble bean apparently more advantageous. Very apparent, although you not bubble bean, soya-bean milk machine also is helping your bubble bean.

Drink the advantage of soya-bean milk:

1, improve the health. Soya-bean milk of every 100 grams contains protein 4.5 grams, adipose 1.8 grams, carbohydrate 1.5 grams, phosphor 4.5 grams, iron is 2.5 grams, calcic 2.5 grams and vitamin, riboflavin, have profit greatly to enhancing a constitution.

2, prevent diabetic. Soya-bean milk contains a large number of cellulose, the can effective excess that prevents candy is absorbed, reduce candy cent, can prevent consequently diabetic, it is a diabetic daily indispensable good food.

3, prevention and cure is hypertensive. The fabaceous sterol that contains in soya-bean milk and Potassium, magnesian, it is material of effective the natrium that fight salt. Sodium is one of main source of hypertension happening and recrudesce, if body internal energy controls the amount of sodium appropriately, can prevent and cure already hypertensive, can treat hypertension again.

Bean not can bubble call soya-bean milk

4, coronary heart disease of prevention and cure. The fabaceous sterol that contains in soya-bean milk and Potassium, magnesian, calcium can strengthen the excitement of scheming blood-vessel, improve scheming nutrition, reduce cholesterol, stimulative blood stream prevents hemal convulsion. If can insist to drink a bowl of soya-bean milk everyday, the recrudescent rate of coronary heart disease can be reduced 50% .

5, prevent a head apoplectic. The magnesium that contains in soya-bean milk, calcic element, can apparent ground reduces cerebral blood fat, improve cerebral blood stream, prevent the happening of cerebral block, cerebral hemorrhage effectively thereby. The lecithin that contains in soya-bean milk, still can reduce cerebral cell death, improve cerebral function.

6, cancer of prevention and cure. The protein in soya-bean milk and Selenium, molybdenum have very strong curb cancer and the ability that treat cancer, have specially good effect to cancer of cancer of the stomach, bowel, breast cancer particularly. The person that the probability that produces cancer according to surveying the person that does not drink soya-bean milk wants to compare tipple soya-bean milk rises 50% .

Bean not can bubble call soya-bean milk

7, prevent bronchitic. The wheat ammonia acid that soya-bean milk place contains prevents the action of convulsion of bronchitic flowing flesh again, decrease thereby and reduce bronchitic show effect.

8, prevent consenescence. E of the Selenium that contains in soya-bean milk, vitamin, C, have very big fight oxidation function, can make the cell of human body ” rejuvenescent ” , particularly right cerebral cell effect is the biggest.

9, prevent senile sluggish slow-witted, AIDS, constipation, fat etc.