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Article introduction

General authority likes make tea with china, slant quite especially old capable person is qualitative, it is to appear more the flavour of tea is honest. Do not cross the progress as modern society, people to ancient tea set not be very cold, because this meeting chooses the kettle with other qualitative material, for example cupreous kettle, it is the tool that friend of a lot of tea likes most. So the issue came, for the angle from health, is cupreous kettle OK make tea?

Is cupreous kettle OK make tea?


Cupreous crock is one of numerous metal tea service. A lot of people think, metallic tea service is not to suit make tea very much, actually otherwise, cupreous crock make tea is beneficial still healthy! Cupreous crock make tea healthful

The erythrocyte in human body blood is in charge of carrying oxygen, and the red pigment in erythrocyte is called ” blood red element ” , be be combined by the protein place that contains iron qualitative part and become, cupreous ion is to be inside body when making blood red element, help body draws the part with qualitative iron.

Is cupreous kettle OK make tea?

Anaemic person in the case that also has anaemia of the sex that be short of copper, in be blood red element although have iron branch but lack copper and cannot absorb iron to divide anaemia.

Human body needs daily the copper that absorbs 2~5mg from all sorts of food in diet, at the same time daily the blood that also drains the copper that waits for a quantity to form the place inside body to need, in order to maintain healthy. So, make tea of the crock that use copper is healthful.

Is cupreous kettle OK make tea?

1, cupreous kettle can promote health movement power

Cupreous kettle belongs to earth, and the water that boil needs ammunition, make tea needs water and wood, 4 are occupied in the five elements, because this is,balance the five elements lucky implement. And the cupreous kettle water that boil can let a person be in water while compensatory microelement, also have profit to the person’s health. Use cupreous kettle for a long time to be able to promote the person’s health movement power.

2, cupreous kettle can enrol money enjoy a life of comfort

Bronze ware itself is having the exorcise evil spirits, effect that enrols money, enjoy a life of comfort, accordingly cupreous kettle calculates need not, also can adjust as the decoration inside the building geomantic. Especially a lot of carve act the role of cupreous kettle elegant, serve as the content that collect and furnishs originally, put in auspicious on can bring to host not the money carry of common, use the person that is earth to character 8 happy event especially, more can carry of flourishing of have a change of luck.