Uncover secret! The profit with healthy to the male saliva – net of legend preserve one’s health


The research of expert of college of medicine of American Qiao Zhiya university makes clear, the yellow music toxin with the very strong action that cause cancer and 3.4- – after benzene contacts 30 seconds than reaching nitrite and saliva, can disappear, suggest ” every meal had better chew 30 times ” . because such, of at all times and in all over the world…

        Is the saliva that you know us right healthy profit? One the simplest small make up tell you now: Water of factual able to read aloud fluently can kill cancer cell not only, still have effect of 8 great minds to human body preserve one’s health, will understand at once!

        Recently, recrudesce of old disease of Zhoujie human relations sings by saliva choke, still from ridicule: “ ouch, sing really cannot too High, meeting choke arrives … but have nothing to do with, anyway everybody also listens to not be clear that what I sing 13 years. ” saliva, be a kind colorless and rare liquid, say again for saliva, ” of fluid of jade of “ gold ferry is in what ancient time says.

        In recent years, american scholar discovers saliva contains the “ nerve that can promote nerve cell to grow with skin skin cell to grow factor ” and “ skin grow factor ” .

        The research of expert of college of medicine of American Qiao Zhiya university makes clear, the yellow music toxin with the very strong action that cause cancer and 3.4- – after benzene contacts 30 seconds than reaching nitrite and saliva, can disappear, suggest “ every meal had better chew 30 times ” . because such, the scholar of preserve one’s health of at all times and in all over the world it praise for: ” of cleaner of ” of manna of ” of Yu Quan of ” of fluid of jade of ” of ” of ” of water of god of “ Hua Chi, “ gold oar, “ Jin Jin, “ , “ , “ , “ , “ is natural ” of the agent that fight cancer.

        The macrobian secret of success that Indian of 150 years old says him — each meal, or dish, to nibble slow pharynx, chew on 32 times, still I drink water, or when beverage, let they are slow-witted in the mouth, wait a little while to be swallowed again, with respect to these methods, helped me live to be 150 years old. So, saliva of “ day pharynx 300, one life is not talk glibly about to 109 ” .

        The nutrition of saliva becomes portion and function

        Saliva, common calls “ saliva ” , secrete by salivary gland, they are about the same all by get down, path of classics stomach bowel draws blood. In recent years, through the scientist’s exploration, in discovering saliva is keeping the normal life activity of human body, it is indispensable “ part ” . Everyday him deglutition saliva is OK hairdressing dispel disease prolongs life, it is an army suddenly appearing from nowhere fighting cancer that cannot ignore more.

        It basically is secreted by salivary gland. Human body has many salivary gland, distributinging oral cavity of small salivary gland is departmental in mucous membrane, have lip, buccal, tongue, palate body of 4 kinds of gland, big salivary gland has parotid, sublingual issue gland with mandible. The gland below parotid, jaw and sublingual it is main salivary secernent, excretive at the same time, get the control of pallium, also can get the influence such as food, environment, age and mood or salivary gland pathological changes. The person is daily secrete 1, 000-1, the saliva of 500 milliliter is normal phenomenon. Modern medicine considers to make clear, saliva the composition of 99% above is water, but be in 1% lis of the others, include a variety of microelement such as potassium, natrium, calcic, phosphor and a variety of 500 protein.

        “ gas is Xu Mingzhi, ferry is to delay year of medicine. The most attractive material that contains in ” saliva, when head push the parotid hormone that by home of Japanese deceased cure man discovers Xufangzhisan. This kind of hormone is by one of 3 big saliva gland parotid excretive, what a lot of scholars think it is “ rejuvenescent ” is hormonal.

        Parotid hormone can increase the vigor of muscle, hemal, connective tissue, skeletal cartilage and tooth, especially can the flexibility of aggrandizement blood-vessel, raise the vitality of connective tissue. Want parotid hormone plentiful only, the function of qualitative, connective tissue between blood-vessel and skin can be strengthened, cutaneous flexibility can get maintenance. However, the person arrives middleaged hind, parotid gland begins atrophy, excretive hormone with respect to drop off. Often make pharynx ferry motion, the parotid gland after can be being delayed is atrophic.

        The person with general able-bodied constitution, buccal moisture secrete compares plentiful exuberant. Saliva of aged body weak secretes inadequacy, often appear a dry tongue dry, skin day of sere, physical strength declines, tinnitus hard of hearing, facial lose the case such as burnish, constipation, apply regimen of the water that swallow a mouth, can weigh Shi Qingchun, fight decline delay old.

        Saliva has effect of 8 great minds to human body preserve one’s health

        Digestive action: Saliva can bind the food “ of chew ” feeds round ” into each “ , benefit at deglutition. Amylase is contained in saliva at the same time, can become the amylolysis in food maltose, let a person feel sweet taste not only, still let food enter digestive process in oral cavity.

        Antiphlogistic action: Bacteriolysis is contained in saliva enzymatic and secrete model the composition fighting bacterium such as A of immune albumen ball, can be restrained or eliminate haemolysis sex streptococcic, typhoid bacillus, coliform organisms and grape coccus, prevent gum, oral cavity and guttural agnail thereby.

        Clean action: Average each everyday saliva secretes a quantity to be able to amount to 1000-1500 milliliter. Food of stockpile of the meeting in the person’s oral cavity is residual, to the bacterium breed creates a condition. Saliva flows ceaselessly inside oral cavity, be equivalent to undertaking be cleaninged in time to the tooth, maintain buccal cleanness and health thereby.

        Protect tine action: The nutrient composition such as the natrium that salivary place contains, Potassium, phosphoric acid, calcic, protein, dextrose can maintain oral cavity acid-base value, adjust Ph value. Dental surface dissolves ganoidly and deposit is a dynamic process, ion of the calcic ion in saliva, phosphoric acid root and fluorine ion in protection ganoid respect is having main effect.

        Cure hurts action: Holand researcher discovers, the rich form protein in human saliva can show touchdown to shorten cut heal time. Accordingly, in get hurt suddenly, below the circumstance that cleans inconvenience, can besmear on cut some of saliva.

        Fight cancerous action: Japanese researcher discovers, the freedom exceeding oxygen that saliva can eliminate carcinogenic substance place to arise base. Alexipharmic process of saliva is not only in oral cavity, still can last 30 minutes in the stomach. Every food chews 30 times, can make saliva and food mix adequately, freedom radical gets the oldest rate clear, the effect that fight cancer is optimal.

        Detect action: The scientist can use salivary example to examine the medicaments content inside patient system. Replace haemal sample to check AIDS to also begin to apply in practice with saliva. Current, the scientist still passes saliva to detect in research the method of the disease such as diabetic, heart disease, cancer. Salivary sampling is simple, the operation is convenient, the trend that makes medical progress.

        Fight decline action: The ” of hormone of “ saliva parotid gland that one kind contains to be able to make the person keeps young in saliva, can make a person clever, tine firm, flesh is strong, such although the person arrives,old age also is met in ruddy health, do not decrease green vigor.

        Visible, “ saliva ” is precious, cannot waste at will, abandon break, want those who be good at stimulative saliva to secrete, achieve the goal of long life of gymnastical strong put oneself in another’s position, preserve one’s health.

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