4 kinds touch skill to make a female more oblivious of oneself – flying Hua Jiankang net

The woman is sensitive animal, bestrewed sensitive nerve up and down all over, hold, touch softly, let her more enjoy!

Dub issues chest muscle

This is in the line with chest muscle clear lower part, this close fact thin grain (especially other drill frequently the word of push-up is more apparent) , but thinks the sex appeal that had not considered takes; along this contour line, use the dub of sexy the tip of the tongue of back and forth, by go up to below, by left to right, change him for certainCharming breathes heavilyUnceasingly.

Along sideMassage

The muscle all round this skin is quite strong, so shows the force between can accentuate a bit a bit, the body that invites him can loosen; to put both hands in his waist border each two side, use palmar power slowly, back and forthMassage, let muscle thereby gentle put relaxed, use oil of essence of life sometimes the result is right also!

LickKissIssue abdominal muscle

This position of pelvic upper part, a chain of sensitive nerve ending assembles here, and because situation approachs man lower part very much that packet, lingers here longer, he is can’ted restrain more. Try to go down in person all the way from next abdomen with the tip of the tongue, spit gently in has kissed place finallyMouthAngry, he is fixed ” ha ” to be no good!

Straight explore sth with is in the bag-sth certain of attainment

Came, be close to key place most came, from along the road of navel lower part thin lips goes down, the words with close continous is alternately on this skin, cause his a chain of asp croon, when fast the region that is close to break out of his warm blood, fasten rapid move to immerse oneself in first hardworking, raise the head laugh what cast him to have an affair with, let his attention more go up in body centrally, next, let him be indifferent again enjoy.

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