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Mom ten million touchs pregnancy of 6 kinds of food to be not gotten!

2015-07-22 13:35:39

Guide language: Current society, the odds of fetal occurrence deformation is being reduced gradually, but not be to be done not have completely. Are those deformation fetal because what reason arises be because what reason arises,after all? As a result of,our hep majority is gene, disease cause. But mom know food also is met,increase abnormal risk? 6 kinds of food that we list below, really no good.

Risk of Gao Zhigao of the first kind of high in syrup

Everybody is a day of candy cent that should absorb, adipose waiting for content have standard demand, if pass for a long time much or too little, the metropolis is adverse to health. Especially if pregnant woman is long-term absorb candy to divide too much or be edible the thing of high adipose content, can cause fat of blood sugar blood exorbitant, increase heart burden, make fetal development obstacle, increase fetal deformation risk.

Fetal bane of = of pesticide of the 2nd kind of plant

We know pesticide is harmful, it is profitless that human body absorbs pesticide to be just as bane. But the help that most vegetables and fruits needs pesticide grows, so pesticide remain became the crucial, healthy issue that cannot ignore. If pesticide remain is overmuch, through the mother’s body by fetal absorb, probable meeting causes fetal development deformation to perhaps die. So, the accurate mom in pregnancy must special attention cleans a process. Clean for many times can reduce hangover, perhaps use those who have cleared pesticide hangover to wash the article such as clean essence.

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