Had wanted ” pregnant ” these dressing had better take _ cate the world less

Had wanted ” pregnant ” these dressing had better eat less

2016-02-18 17:46:37

Guide language: Ferial the mammy with li of food heavy taste, once be pregnant, can be about to be opposite these dressing stay at a respectful distance from sb oh! The condiment such as pink of salt, soy, chili, Chinese prickly ash, anise, cassia bark, the five spices is right the health of fetal treasure is profitless, pregnant Mom should adjust his taste appropriately, help darling health grows.

How is pregnant Mom reasonable food? What food is adverse to pregnant Mom and fetal treasure? These a few kinds of dressing, pregnant Mom should eat less had better.


Salinity is absorbed overmuch, can bring about pregnant woman terminal occurrence dropsy, see sufficient ankle and light of crus skin take up, cave now by extrude with the hand, stand for long walk, midday not siesta is more serious. Because endocrine of pregnant woman body changes,this is, bring about water to stop; The uterus that increases at the same time is oppressive lower limbs vein, make haemal circumfluence suffocate suffocate, lower limbs occurrence dropsy.


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