What filling zinc does darling eat? The world of cate of _ of cookbook of 3 filling zinc

What filling zinc does darling eat? Cookbook of 3 filling zinc

2016-09-23 15:55:55

Darling filling zinc, besides take filling zinc dose besides, a lot of mom fill in the food of darling on zinc special attention. Teach a few filling zinc cookbook to mom today, let darling be popular heart mom is at ease.

Darling eats what filling zinc

Animal sex alimental contains zinc to measure food of sex of prep above plant, and the absorption that the amino acid that after animal protein is decomposed, produces can promote zinc, one abundant is in zincic absorptivity 50% the left and right sides, and the establish acid that place of plant sex food contains and cellulose can be united in wedlock with zinc not dissolve the compound at water, hamper human body is opposite thereby zincic suction herd, absorptivity only 20% the left and right sides.

Zincic absorption is bigger the existence that degree relies on iron, calcic, phosphor. To prevent zincic shortage, should encourage the child to eat the animal sex food such as lean lean, pork liver, fish and yoke more, the food with good nurturance is used to, impartiality is fed and carry feed. The content in rice, corn, flour, vegetable and fruit is little, under 5 milligram, in edible filling zinc should notice in these food.

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