Drinkable fruit juice has baby the world of cate of subtle move _

Drinkable fruit juice has baby subtle move

2016-10-14 10:11:28

A few beverage also are common in our life, some parents also are to be able to give darling to drink a few fruit juice, but the dietary health that also knows darling is very important, feed darling beverage when also cannot blind is fed, the gift that should choose to suit darling to drink is nice, havethe parent pays no attention to these to be able to be drunk to darling all sorts of beverage, it is bad so actually, parents want much attention, notTake the error of feed darling, does that baby choose fruit juice to there is clever court? Fall with respect to understanding below.

One, had better abstain fruit juice to eat to the child. The method is very simple also, can choose the juicily fruit such as fresh orange, orange, grape. Wash the fruit clean first, with the flay after boiled water is hot, put in the cup, dolly, squash with small spoon its juice, or twist its with has disinfected clean gauze crowded, extrude fruit juice, juice teem, add a few warm boiled water and candy to be able to be fed feed. Such already economy wholesome, nutrition is saved well.

2, buy the fruit goods such as bottled orange former juice or orange, coconut milk. Former juice adds a few warm boiled water to take. Former juice of this kind of orange is add candy to machine with Xian Jie and become, but in the process that make, already the loss is many vitamin C, so battalionRaise value to already was reduced greatly, it is good to be inferior to containing fruit juice. Additional, because orange juice is medium candy cent is too much, be placed for a long time and relapse after open, the bacterium in air enters juice very easily in, progenitive in the liquid of polysaccharide, alvine path infection can be caused after the baby eats. Be built to avoid to be opened repeatedly and get pollution, can use the method of minute of outfit, willUnused orange juice builds the cold storage after tightening.

3, feed fruit juice to the baby, want to undertake after sucking the breast 1 hour, cannot drink fruit juice to the baby before long after drinking a milk. Because fruit juice belongs to weak acidity beverage, make the protein in milk caky and agglomerate in gastric internal energy, absorb not easily, cause infantile inanition thereby.

4, the syrup of the multicoloured that sells on the market, not be fruit products actually. Its producer goods is white sugar and water, plus artificial complex pigment, essence, saccharin, it is via making up epigenesis artificially sweet the beverage of fruit flavour. The child is overmuch edible is harmful and healthy, accordingly, unfavorable feed syrup to the baby.

The introduction of afore-mentioned fruit juice that suit to how giving darling the option namely, now should be to have understood, parents take the healthy feed to the child seriously more, drink fruit juice to also want to have to darling degree, suit drink go, do not let darling drink too big, hope the article is helpful to you.

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