Be short of the world of cate of _ of the cookbook that urge breast of lacteal mom

Be short of the cookbook urging breast of lacteal mom

2016-10-14 13:34:46

The specially good effect of the postpartum mom that be short of breast urges lacteal meat – octopus 3 two abluent, cut; of slices of fish meat to cut pig hoof 6-8 piece only, put into boiler together with chapter slices of fish meat. Add water to flood, use flourishing fire to stew to squashy. Broth eats together, take 5-7 second visible and apparent effect.

– crucian carp fish one end goes scale, splanchnic, pig hoof cuts 6-8 piece only, put into boiler together, add water to stew to squashy, broth eats together. – take catfish clean flesh, the egg is thoroughlied cook twice rind. In putting fish, egg clear water, boil together to the fish squashy, eat cruelly oppress, egg, drink boiling water. Take 3-5 second get effective. – will bright shrimp 3 two abluent hull, pig hoof cuts 6-8 piece only, put stew with fire of clear water flourishing inside arenaceous boiler ripe, join yellow rice or millet wine, broth eats together, take 5-7 second get effective. Attention: The skin is allergic person avoid uses this. – take groundnut the 2 two soup that boil are drunk, daily 1-2 second, take 3-5 day to see effect repeatedly.

– will placental (healthy person is placental) abluent, cut flake. soft-shelled turtle flesh 3 two cut flake. On fire of flourishing of arenaceous boiler buy, oily, fry flesh of placental, soft-shelled turtle half minutes, add clear water two bowls burn the moment that boil, load a bowl together inside. Put a pot for steaming food to use flourishing fire evaporate half hours to be able to be taken. Take 5-7 commonly second visible and apparent effect.

– papaya a jin, Mi Jiang half abluent, join rice vinegar 50 milliliter, after putting arenaceous boiler to stew 40 minutes can edible. – hoof extraction a pig adds angelica twice 5 money, flourishing fire is boiled, slow fire is stewed rot to the flesh, broth eats together.

– hoof extraction a pig two, add groundnut, soya bean each 9, boiled in clear soup is ripe the edible after rotting.

– claw extraction chicken 10 pairs, pignut 2 2. Gallinaceous claw is cut go ungual needle, abluent next boiler, add water, yellow rice or millet wine, Jiang Pian. Boil half hour hind, put pignut, refined salt, boil 2 hours frowzily with slow fire, drench chicken is oily can edible.

Attention! Postpartum not forget to eat vegetable


Soup of fish of mutton chop crucian carp

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