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Glamour mother, postpartum nutrition cannot is short of

2012-02-07 14:02:18

Husband godchild is the standard of Chinese conventional woman, often be too busy after a lot of female marriage are parturient him attend to, add the age, bear wait for a reason, figure, color of skin gets inevitably a few influences. Wang Yi of head of department of nutrition of dietotherapy of the wide hospital that install the gate expresses Beijing however: “Who says to gave birth to the child to stride the cavalcade of yellow face mother-in-law? ” regard a dietetics as the home, also be a beautiful mother at the same time, wang Yi tells each mother result of his a few food, want to pass reasonable food and drink only, can fall in the circumstance that assures health, tarry youth.

Soup of the postpartum mushroom that drink a dot

Mom should notice during confinement in childbirth ordinal delay fills. A lot of females are postpartum for stimulate the secretion of milk, additional physical power, can drink a lot of soup water that fill greatly. Actually otherwise, just gave birth to child stimulate the secretion of milk must discreet, should not enter immediately fill to wait for nutrient soup-stock like chicken broth of pig hoof soup, ginseng. Because the baby is born to eat lesser first right now, if take stimulate the secretion of milk again article, can bring about lactescence instead not free. Accordingly, need only right amount on normal food foundation add soup juice can, after 3 days, add again drink nourishing boiling water. Boiling when stewing, should cast aside go Shang Zhongfu is oily, can avoid to cause infantile intestines and stomach already unwell, also conduce to a puerpera carrying a figure.

Postpartum Bao Shang Shi uses filling agent less as far as possible. Usually, stew pays attention to medicine to feed with the source, but medical amount and sort cannot pass much, also do not advocate multi-purpose the filling agent of and so on of the angelica that join Qi. Relative to character, the Bao soup such as longan, chestnut, dawdle is more appropriate. As a result of postpartum and exsanguine much, physical strength is used up big, can eat more a few enrich the blood invigorate the circulation of blood, filling gas be good at lienal food, wait like jujube of brown sugar, donkey-hide gelatin, medlar, yam.

Old people connects regular meeting to think, new mother is postpartum and frail, should not be much the thing that has raw or cold food. Actually, fresh vegetable fruit is the food with compensatory best vitamin, if be absorbed inadequately, can make the vitamin is lacked, adverse instead to the body.

Nutrient tablet does not eat more

No matter young mother still is middleaged mother, want to notice alimental diversification, every kinds of dish should enrich amount, rich color. Had better apply 5 kinds of tie-in principles, black, green, red, yellow, white, can appear on table as far as possible, increase appetite already, balanced nutrition, eat also can metabolize each other between the food after going down digest, also solved the problem of a lot of female food preferences at the same time. If things go on like this, figure nature is fine have degree, color of skin also is met moist is bright beautiful.

Remind each mom even here, do not want support to take nutrient always to replace meal to reduce weight, follow the metabolization pattern of human body, the meal of edible nature just is correct anthology. It is unripe hair of everythings on earth in the morning during, human body metabolization is exuberant, breakfast can be arranged bigly as far as possible and diversification a few, egg of staple food, milk, vegetables and fruits, birds kind, best have everything that one expects to find, with strengthening nutrition absorb absorb. The quantity appropriate of medium, dinner decreases relatively a few, especially dinner, eat carnivorous, sweetmeat and deepfry food less, can drink some of delicate water in which noodles have been boiled, rice water, do not drink Xian Shang, with slow down nightly the burden of the body when resting.

Religion you enrich the blood twice dish

Finally, recommend a few to everybody handy the medicinal food that makes easily, suit to be in confinement in childbirth and gas blood the mom of two empty edible. Soup of hen of red jujube medlar: Old hen, abluent, put several red jujubes, right amount medlar, a few Jiang Pian, stew edible, filling gas invigorate the circulation of blood. Papaya fish soup: Crucian carp fish or weever, 200 grams control papaya, flay stripping and slicing, join stew together, also can put the fungus such as stay of proceedings of a few acupuncture needle, delicate and goluptious nutrition is rich. Other still be like celery medlar to fry congee of earthnut of big jujube of yam, longan to wait, it is to enrich the blood hold filling gas concurrently article, often eat can complement physical strength, restore complexion.

How does foreign mom fill

Health and beauty are the patent of young girl not only. This not, foreign mom is in maintain good appearance of slim figure and handsome to go up, also have see treasure of domestic discipline exercised by the head of a feudal household.

The United States: Organic food is welcome

Our newspaper is stationed in Guo Yi of reporter of American engage by special arrangement red: Although Mrs Zhenkebei of 45 years old is the mom of two children, but have head of 30 annual expenditure only it seems that. Her young recipe is: All food eat organic. Every weekend, mrs Zhenkebei goes the supermarket of monopolistic and organic food purchasing food, include feral 3 article fish, organic milk, organic egg, organic beef, the organic vegetable of free from contamination, fruit and nutlet. Organic food brings Zhenkebei the wife, it is healthy body not only, still have delicate dietary kind, this is a magic weapon that she carries slim figure. “Imagine very hard, the female function of quality of a not exquisite food has elegant figure. The female function of quality of a not exquisite food has elegant figure..

France: Anteprandial drink lemonade, eat not fat

Our newspaper is stationed in Tang Hui of reporter of French engage by special arrangement clever: Mileiye Jiliyanuo is the whole world president of business of production of the 2nd big champagne holds CEO concurrently, she is having thorough research to the food of Frenchwoman. In best seller ” Frenchwoman eats not fat ” in, she listed an interesting part.

To Frenchwoman, although give birth to child figure ” go out of form ” , also won’t affect them big fast an enthusiasm of cheek, because they have idea ” eat thinner more ” . When Lao Lagang of 32 years old is delivered of little baby, weight is as high as 140 jins. On the base that does not reduce appetite, she should drink a cup of lemonade before eat everyday, a cup of claret comes again after eat. Lemon has very good effect reducing weight, and red wine can make complexion ruddy. At ordinary times, laura still loves to eat plum very much, frenchwoman regards it as best alexipharmic food, think its can purify the body, compensatory microelement. Be less than a year, laura’s weight restored 110 jins of antenatal again.

In addition, to eliminate ugly gravid grain, laura has some of fresh 3 article fish even everyday. What cruelly oppress place contains is adipose the pork that compare cultivate is little, quantity of heat is inferior, taste not easy get fat. In addition, cruelly oppress reachs the collagen albumen that contains a lot ofin piscine skin, also be the skin is best ” nourishment ” .

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