3 watermelon = 1 ” Wei elder brother ” _ cate the world

3 watermelon = 1 ” Wei elder brother “

2012-02-07 14:02:34

The man needs health, the recuperation on food is occasionally more ambitious than taking any medicaments.  

An apple protects a heart to reduce weight

The probability that the man contracts coronary heart disease is a woman of 3 times. Holand scientist discovers, eat an apple to be able to reduce the sicken rate of coronary heart disease everyday 50% . If arrange a day to regard as every week ” malic day ” , this day eats 400 grams apple only, pass 5 commonly ” malic day ” can be far from coronary heart disease. The apple still has effect reducing weight, in ” malic day ” this one endowment takes 1500 grams 6 times fresh apple, continuously 10 apples day can see effect first.

2 orange protect a stomach to prevent cancer

Male maw wants to be gotten high than female maw utilization rate much, the probability that has cancer of the stomach is high also. Australian medicine expert considers to discover, eat two orange everyday kind fruit, can make the risk of cancer of the stomach is reduced 50% .

3 watermelon are equivalent to 1 ” Wei elder brother “

The many melon ammonia acid in watermelon is had with ” Wei elder brother ” similar pharmacodynamics action. Eat watermelon more beneficial to the male.

4 eat spinach protects vision

Eat 2 ~ 4 times every week the goal that spinach can achieve protective eyesight.

10 grapes snipe is apoplectic

The man suffers from heart disease and apoplectic probability to compare female National People’s Congress. Want to insist to eat 10 grapes everyday only, had better not flay, can solve a problem easily.

Arthritis of 20 cherry antagonism

Often the man that outdoors runs gets arthritis easily. Often eat cherry or drinkable cherry fruit juice, can prevent arthritis. Eat 20 to contain everyday acid cherry, with respect to the ache that basically can control arthritis to cause.

The melon seeds austral 50 grams protects prostate

Prostate is a of middleaged man heavy disaster area. Insist to eat a pumpkin everyday child (50 grams are controlled) insurable card does not suffer it annoy.

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