Celery disappear heat the world of cate of dispel wet _

Celery disappear heat dispel is wet

2012-02-07 14:06:58

According to ” family doctor signs up for ” report, the beauty that celery has medical Qin praise. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine says, its sex is cool, taste is bitter, have the effect with wet benefit of heat of smooth liver Qing Dynasty, dispel the wind. Summer weather is torrid, damp is big, often eat celery to be helpful for disappear heat dispel wet.

Celery disappear heat dispel is wet

Modern research makes clear, every 100 grams contain protein about in celery 2.5 grams, calcic 160 milligram, iron 61 milligram, vitamin C26 milligram, more general melon and fruit is tall. Because its are calcic content is high, reason can label filling calcium food; Because its contain rich cellulose, the old person that suits to have constipation more eats; Because its iron and vitamin C content are high, friend often takes celery, produce anaemia of the sex that be short of iron not easily. Consider to still make clear, celery has fall blood pressure and the effect that reduce cholesterol, can prevent and cure arterial blood-vessel is sclerotic. So, the person that has hypertension and tall blood fat can serve as his regular food.

Celery has a peculiar balmy taste, can work to be fried together with lean lean or bean curd not only, the air after also can using its boiled water scald is cool, mincing, mix the Lai of cold and dressed with sause with dried or rich nutrition of shrimp sauce make it, it is greens of god-given beautiful of go with rice.            

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